North Star’s security consulting division provides services that help clients identify, analyze and mitigate operational and personal risk. We evaluate and update existing policies and provide applicable solutions to safeguard intellectual and real property. We conduct security audits, vulnerability assessments and provide technical security countermeasures.

Our services are delivered by innovative professionals consisting of former U.S. Special Agents, Intelligence analysts, former military, security experts, attorneys, members of academia, finance, linguists and others.

As recent events have shown, an institution’s greatest betrayals may originate from within, at the discretion of one or a few individuals. We provide our customers with the flexibility to face and eliminate evolving threats. Our specialists can discreetly detect security weaknesses and ongoing financial threats, allowing management to correct problems, neutralize leaks, mitigate resulting damage, recover assets and seek legal recourse.

North Star identifies security gaps, provides security services and conducts training to help manage, streamline existing security policies and prepares contingency plans for events that may negatively impact your business.

Our security packages, whether short term or for an extended period of time, are tailored and staffed to meet customers needs; they can be all inclusive to provide portal to portal corporate and personal protection for meetings, local activities, national multi-venue events or foreign travel.

The security consulting services we offer include, but are not limited to the following:

Security Audits

Threat, Vulnerability and Risk Assessments

Personal Protection Packages

Security Risk Analysis

Event Security

Emergency Preparedness and Response Programs

Technical Security Countermeasures

Counterintelligence Services

Assistance in seeking legal recourse