North Star Investigations provides clients with systematic, impartial investigations to gather and evaluate information and deliver clear, relevant evidence. We discover, collect, confirm and document findings and actions with careful records to ensure all evidence is accounted for by a complete chain of custody in a legal manner and if needed, can be admissible in court.

Throughout the course of each assignment our team of professional fact finders, intelligence analysts and forensic specialists are dedicated to maintaining objectivity and unquestionable integrity.

At North Star Investigations, we understand that there is more to a successful investigation than the mere collection of information. The details of an investigation and the information required will depend on the nature of the incident and its associated elements. We gather evidence both testimonial and physical, as well as information, to assist in proving or disproving a matter of fact and enabling relevant parties to arrive at the correct decisions.

Additionally, in order to ensure accuracy, all information we collect is analyzed and corroborated by multiple sources, such as financial documents or interviews. This supports the veracity of information which has been obtained and its usefulness to our clients.

We provide a diverse complement of investigative services, which include, but are not limited to the following:

Asset Tracing and Recovery

Due Diligence

Background Investigations

Professional Interviewing

Covert Surveillance and Monitoring

Immigration Compliance

Breach of Contract

Criminal Investigations

White Collar Crimes

Undercover Operations

Patent and Copyright Infringement

Domestic Investigations

Employee and Tenant Screening

Internal Corporate Investigations

Assessment of Internal Controls

Investor Services

Missing Persons and Skip Tracing


Brand Protection

Digital Forensics

Mystery Shopping

Litigation Services