North Star’s intelligence division provides clients with timely, authoritative, competitive, strategic and tactical Intelligence analysis based on objective evaluations of developing world events and emerging issues aimed at yielding a competitive edge to executives and supervisors responsible for making an organization’s strategic decisions.

Our objective is to help public companies, private enterprises, financial institutions, non-profits and high net worth individuals by providing quality open source intelligence analysis and primary research to forecast the domestic and foreign impact of geopolitical issues.

We bring together experienced field operatives, analysts, academics and other alpha assets who draw on their field and behind the scenes experience to dissect events and arrive at the necessary conclusions that address risks and explore opportunities. By identifying new opportunities, threats and obstacles, we craft effective strategies to help clients make decisions that allow them to anticipate, face and overcome challenges.

Analysis and evaluation of today’s events is conducted in context to needs and requirements, providing accurate assessments of market risks to help our clients seamlessly expand into challenging regions and markets.