From the first signs of suspicious activity or at any point after the discovery of misconduct, North Star Financial Investigations assists clients understand and uncover evidence which has been intentionally misrepresented. We identify the existence, nature and extent of fraud which is occurring and recommend internal control policies to reduce the possibility of or prevent any future criminal conduct.

The presence of fraud or internal misconduct can adversely affect the interests and integrity of an organization. Our team of professional fact finders, forensic accountants and digital forensic experts has the ability to employ a wide variety of tactics, such as audits, inspections and investigations, which are necessary for the discovery and prevention of material weaknesses and white collar crimes. We help clients trace the flow of funds and provide an understanding of each bend in the trail or attempt to conceal activities. North Star financial investigators can offer a look beyond the paper trail to show what happened, why it happened and what was gained or intended to be gained.

In addition to the discovery of evidence regarding previous or ongoing misconduct, we identify sensitive areas which are susceptible to suspicious activities with internal control reviews and independently report and evaluate our findings. The longer material weaknesses are allowed to continue in an organization or division, the more vulnerable that organization is to fraudulent practices growing or spreading to other areas of operation.

We help implement plans which detect and prevent fraud, promote operational efficiency, ensure the accuracy and reliability of information and give reasonable assurance that applicable laws, regulations and policies are being adhered to.

The financial investigative services we offer include:

Financial Statement Fraud

Anti-Money Laundering

Forensic Accounting Services

Shareholder Disputes

Reconstruction of Financial Transactions 

Fraud Risk Management

Valuation of Damages

Hedge Fund Fraud

Corporate Monitoring Services

Royalty Audits