North Star Investigations provides clients with systematic, impartial investigations to gather and evaluate information and deliver clear, relevant evidence. We discover, collect, confirm and document findings and actions with careful records to ensure all evidence is accounted for by a complete chain of custody in a legal manner and if needed, can be admissible in… Read more


Financial Investigations

From the first signs of suspicious activity or at any point after the discovery of misconduct, North Star Financial Investigations assists clients understand and uncover evidence which has been intentionally misrepresented. We identify the existence, nature and extent of fraud which is occurring and recommend internal control policies to reduce the possibility of… Read more


Security Consulting

North Star’s security consulting division provides services that help clients identify, analyze and mitigate operational and personal risk. We evaluate and update existing policies and provide applicable solutions to safeguard intellectual and real property. We conduct security audits, vulnerability assessments and provide technical security countermeasures… Read more



North Star’s intelligence division provides clients with timely, authoritative, competitive, strategic and tactical Intelligence analysis based on objective evaluations of developing world events and emerging issues aimed at yielding a competitive edge to executives and supervisors responsible for making an organization’s strategic decisions. Our objective is to… Read more